Pedreguer to be extra energy efficient


PEDREGUER ANNOUNCED last week that they will join forces with SOM ENERGIA, a co-operative energy company engaged in the production and marketing of energy from renewable sources.

In exchange for the very modest joining fee of €100, Pedreguer – already recognised as a pioneering municipality for its environmental awareness – will receive the advice of SOM ENERGIA in respect of all municipal buildings and facilities. Advice will also be offered to all residents of the town and local social services employees (in this case so that they can pass ideas on to families struggling economically to help them to avoid falling into fuel poverty).

The measure aims to materialise the support of Pedreguer, a new model focused on alternative energy generation, consumption of green power and the decentralising of electricity production.

The intention of Pedreguer in the coming months is to study the electricity output of all municipal buildings and facilities, not only to survey what changes the energy model would benefit from long term, but also to achieve more immediate savings.

The Department of Environment will hold a presentation in May, so that Pedreguer residents can find out more about the services offered through the partnership with SOM ENERGIA.

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