Perfect pavements in Denia


THROUGHOUT MARCH and April, the City of Denia has been busy in its improvement works on the pavements to improve safety for pedestrians.

There have been improvements on La Avenida del Montgo, where the visibility of the steps that cross the avenue has been enhanced.

Near the Vessanes school, a metal railing has been installed along the pavement to prevent pedestrians from crossing, diverting them instead to a safer point.

On Calle de Candida Carbonell, the pavement has been extended to improve safety for the schoolchildren and a metal railing will also be installed here.

The pavements of la avenida de Alicante are being completely renovated at the section between la plaza del Archiduque Carlos and la calle de Gata de Gorgos. These works have been financed by a subsidy from the Diputacion de Alicante.

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