Personal trainer arrested for sex offences


A THIRTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD man who volunteered as a personal trainer in Busot has been taken into custody, accused of six offences of sexual abuse to women, three of whom are minors aged 13, 15 and 17.

The detainee, said to be of Spanish origin, used the same method to select his victims, who were members of a gym in Busot.

He befriended the women in the gym where he was a member. He told them he was a qualified personal trainer and offered them a sports massage for free.

He invited the women to his house, where the offences are alleged to have taken place during a 20 minute sports massage session.

One of the accusers explained, she visited his house to discuss a job that he had informed her was available in a friend’s cafe. Once at the house, he tried to force the woman to have a massage, but she declined.

Another younger girl of minor age, told the Guardia Civil, she had been invited to the gym by the man to receive training. When she declined the offer of sports massage, the detainee became friendly with the girl’s parents in an effort to get closer to her. She had to block him on her mobile phone as he was constantly pestering her.

Guardia Civil officers have issued a statement saying that the arrest was only made possible by the brave denunciation made by the 17 year old victim, who showed great courage in making the complaint.

As the investigation progresses, it seems apparent the accused made friends with women in the gym regularly, so they suspect more cases of abuse, although no new denunciations have been made.

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