REVEALED: The health benefits of vacuuming, cleaning your car and mowing the lawn


AS THE days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting milder, many are pulling on their trainers and giving the pavement a good pounding or heading to their local Chinese market to purchase that puncture repair kit to get back on two wheels.

If you are struggling with lack of motivation or even lack of time, all is not lost as everyday activities such as housework may be able to provide just as many physical benefits, while also supporting mental well-being.

In a new infographic, AXA PPP Healthcare has revealed the true benefits of doing typical household activities for an hour.

Sorting the laundry can burn up to 200 calories, while mopping a dirty floor, vacuuming and briskly walking a dog provides almost the same result.

Manually cleaning your own car – rather than taking it through the car wash – can counteract the sins in a portion of chips in the form of 250 calories.

While cleaning windows will shift the same amount – or the equivalent of two bags of crisps, research suggests.

And mowing the lawn could cut 300 calories, while dusting down cupboards and tables could burn 120 calories.

David Williams, from AXA PPP healthcare, said: ‘Household chores such as hoovering, tidying and changing sheets all exert energy and are great all-round exercises.

‘They can also be of great help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions.’

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