Searching for the ‘girl on the tram’


THE WORLD always holds a soft spot for a hopeless romantic and one young, lovestruck, Murcian man has gone to great lengths to prove the art of romance is not dead.

The unnamed man has sellotaped literally hundreds of printed poster onto lamp posts, billboards and rubbish bins across the city trying to find a girl he saw on a tram on the night of the Bando de la Huerta fiesta last week.

The poster with the heading ‘QUERIDA CHICA DEL TRANVIA’, describes the night the romantic optimist had the briefest of encounters with the mystery girl and asks for help in his search to find his ‘needle in a haystack’

On the night in question, she climbed into the last car of the tram in the Plaza Circular next to some friends who then left at Senda de Granada station, leaving her alone and apparently, without “a good end to the party” according to the boy.

The lovestruck guy watched from a distance to make sure the girl was safe, but could not raise the courage to speak to her, as he was mesmerised by her beauty.

He now bitterly regrets not talking to the young girl in an effort to bring her out of “the hell she was going through” and make her happy.

However, he feels it’s never too late and has spent the last week riding the Tranvia for hours on end hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl, without success, hence the poster that he hopes might jog her and her friends memory. He would love the chance to take her for dinner and get to know her.

If we’re honest, how many of us have been in that same position for a fleeting moment and regretted not speaking to the person who caught our eye.

Let’s wish the young paramour luck in his quest and hope he meets his ‘Girl on the tram’.

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