Semana Santa security stepped up in Alicante


MORE THAN 1,500 Local and National Police will ensure the safety of Alicante and its visitors during Semana Santa, with special measures enforced.

Spain has been on a terrorism alert level four since Christmas and in a meeting that took place this week between the Government Subdelegation with the different security forces, chaired by the subdelegate, Jose Miguel Saval, it was agreed to deploy throughout the province 4,311 agents of the National Police and Guardia Civil.

The subdelegate highlighted the importance of National Police and Guardia Civil presence to ensure security during Semana Santa given the high numbers of people expected to be celebrating en masse in public areas.

In the face of hypothetical terrorist threats, some agents will carry all the weapons and security elements required for an incident of this nature.

National Police and Guardia Civil presence is expected to ensure public safety, fight against trafficking and consumption of narcotics and encourage controlled alcohol consumption.

The meeting was attended by the mayor of Alicante Security, Fernando Marcos, along with the head of the Local Police and members of the department of emergency management.

Marcos confirmed that between Sunday April 9 and Sunday April 16, 776 extra officers, (489 regular service and 287 reinforcement) and 72 Civil Protection volunteers of the Alicante Local Police will be present across the city.

‘Our city receives thousands of tourists each year during Semana Santa, so it is very important to ensure the deployment of enough agents to attend to incidents, escort the processions and monitor events throughout.’

According to the established schedules, residents and visitors of Alicante should expect traffic cuts and pedestrian access restrictions in public areas as the police escort approximately thirty processions.

Public transport

The Department of Mobility confirmed that between Sunday April 9 and Sunday April 16, public transport routes will be diverted to make way for Semana Santa processions throughout the city.
Marcos recommends that those wishing to partake in the celebrations each evening access the city centre by either bus or TRAM to avoid congestion.

The public transport route diversions will affect lines 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 8A, 8B, 09, 10, 12 and 13 as well as lines 21-22-23-24

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