Silvia the swan is actually a male


REGULAR READERS may remember our story about the lone swan of Altea who has been carrying a wing injury for the last few weeks.

Local residents Chris and Melitta Hewitt had alerted RTN in the hope we could draw attention to plight of the bird whom they nicknamed ‘Silvia Swan’.

Well it appears the Hewitt’s weren’t the only people concerned, as our story drew a number of interesting and informative email responses from other swan loving Altea citizens.

Robert Allen was able to update us with the most accurate information about the swan’s ongoing issues and current health problems.

Apparently Silvia is actually a 17-year-old male, who has lived alone since his mate was killed. Robert had been feeding the pair regularly before and has continued to feed the lone male. He told us that he has a particularly sweet tooth and a penchant for Maria biscuits.

When the injury became apparent three weeks ago, the bird was treated by a specialist vet called in from Valencia, after being removed from the small rivermouth near to the Tsunami Chiringuito by the Guardia Civil.

The vet informed Robert that the wing was not actually broken, it was actually strapped up. However he is suffering from liver disease probably caused by his diet. White bread and Maria biscuits are not a natural food for swans.

The specialist, along with a local vet and officials from the Guardia Civil’s animal protection division El Seprona were looking into the prospect of moving the bird to join another swan at the Terra Natura park outside Benidorm.

Instead the decision was made to deliver him back to his favourite ‘home’ location on the river and monitor his situation regularly.

To help with his liver problems, the vet asked Robert to feed the swan with brown bread and chopped spinach instead of white bread and biscuits and he has tried to pass the information on to other people who feed him. He also asked us to let our readers know too.

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