Teulada Moraira lights the way with solar street lamps


TEULADA-MORAIRA Councillor Raul Llobell recently unveiled the municipality’s next step on its mission to improve its image and urban quality – solar street lamps.

The first phase of the installation of the lamps has just begun.

The solar street lamps both respect the environment and will decrease energy costs for the municipality.

During the first phase, 20 lamps equipped with a solar panel will be installed on primary roads, pavements and pedestrian crossings: C/. Puerto Espíndola, C/. Haya, C/. Móstoles, C/. Palencia, Cami del Pas, Camino del Campamento, Calle Murcia, C/. Finisterre, C/. Mar Norte, Camino Camarrocha, C/. Benimuslem, Camino Estret, C/. Almendro, Camino Paellero, C/. Gemisant, Camino de la Viuda, C/. Flamenco, C/. Colibrí y C/. Alcolecha.

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