The terrorism of the rich


THERE ARE times when a few words explain things better than does a book.

Theatre impresario Peter Ustinov drove the nail home when he said, “War is the terrorism of the rich; terrorism is the war of the poor.”

Whilst urban terrorism dominates the headlines what has been described as ‘murder by government’ claimed 164 million lives during this past century. This appalling figure is blue-pencilled out of the public consciousness because, as Alexander Solzhenitsyn surmised, the perpetrators own the media.

The figure of 164 million slaughtered by government is not a figure plucked from the air. This was the findings of the respected Journal of Peace Research based in Hawaii. The disclosure of researcher R. J Rummel in his Power, Genocide and Mass Murder (31 No. 1 1994) brings into stark relief governments insatiable appetite for human harvest.

This appalling death toll was a consequence not of Islamic terrorism but of ‘legitimate laundered terrorism’ practiced primarily by Capitalist interests, Bolshevism and Mao tse Tung’s Communist reign of terror. There were also many murder fests in Africa, the Far East and Middle East. Another report reveals that the US government, aided by its allies, has been directly or indirectly responsible for over 30 million dead since 1945.

Shamefully, mainstream media launders the endless conflicts as political, banking and corporate elites jostle for global control and influence. As one German politician put it, “media is the keyboard on which government plays.’

Playwright George Bernard Shaw; ‘Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.”

His comment is spot on and it is this foolish notion that makes us all slaves to duplicitous self-serving political elite who abuse our naiveté and our trust time after time.

The reality is that the refugee crisis afflicting Europe and terrorism is a crisis caused by the political elite. The governing elite are not fighting terrorism; they are the terrorists. If duped NATO service personnel were really fighting terrorism then they would come home and oust their treacherous back-stabbing political elite.

There will be no peace on earth until we decide enough is enough. The NATO West has no legitimacy in its stated intention to remove by sanctions and by force legitimate sovereign nations. We really must stop deluding ourselves that the overthrow of independent governments is in pursuit of our security.

By Michael Walsh

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