The top wedding trends this summer


IF YOU’RE tying the knot this summer, then you’ve no doubt already planned the event to the finest detail, from cake to buttonholes and speech makers to who you’re going to sit next to dear Auntie Doris, with her flatulence problem.

So, if that’s the case, you’d better look away now, because here’s a list of the wedding themes and ideas that are trending on social media right now and if yours aren’t on there, your big day may be a fashion disaster.

Who needs wedding planners these days? Take a look at photos on twitter, instagram and pinterest and you’ll soon discover that DIY wedding receptions are all the rage this year. The sites are creative meccas, jam-packed with inspiration on everything from dresses to venues and most importantly for your guest …… food and drink.

Let’s look at the culinary treats wedding guests at this year’s fashionable weddings can look forward to this year:


Stylish, simplistic, naked wedding cakes where the layers are left exposed, are lovely, but so last year darling. Bring back the icing, but not in a total covering way, just dripped artfully over the layers. Drip cakes are set to take 2017 by storm and they manage to make frosting look stylish. Better yet, if you’re making your own cake (or enlisting the help of a friend) this look isn’t hard to recreate at home.


Who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary? So if Brunch is your favourite weekend treat, why not have it on your wedding day?

Morning weddings are on the rise, with many venues offering earlier time slots at a cheaper price. Supply your guests with plenty of Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Eggs Benedict and no one will complain about the early start.


Bartenders can be expensive, but you can still let your guests enjoy a fancy drink with a personalised drinks station.

The ‘Pimp Your Prosccco’ trend allows guests to create their own dream cocktail by topping up their bubbly with fresh fruit, juice or liqueurs. Better still, Cava is a third of the price of Prosecco… What a winner!


Everybody loves tacos, so bring a little bit of Mexico to your wedding with a DIY taco station.

This easy option means fussy guests can help themselves to the ingredients they fancy, while ignoring the rest. It works particularly well with outdoor venues for a fuss-free, laid back vibe.


If traditional Buck’s Fizz isn’t your thing, why not get the party started with a fun cocktail hour? Pinterest reports a rise in people offering guests a range of mini cocktails alongside bite-size canapés.

Think small hamburgers with shots of beer, oysters with sparkling wine tastings, small tapas bites with wine to match.

Jaegerbombs and tequila slammers should be avoided at all costs, unless you want your wedding reception to turn into Guns and Roses after party.

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