Tips for Easter road users


WITH THE long Easter weekend almost upon us, it’s worth remembering that the Costa Blanca region is one of the most popular holiday spots for Spanish tourists too, who love it for exactly the same reasons we do.

Easter is the first main holiday of the year in Spain and with schools closed many people take advantage of the three bank holiday days to head off to the coast. Madrid, Zaragoza and the Northern cities become ghost towns, whilst our small coastal towns can be as busy as August.

The extra traffic congestion can be annoying and frustrating for residents, meaning we may not be quite as vigilant towards road rules as normal.

With an increased police presence throughout the region over the next two weeks, over 3000 fines were handed out by Guardia Civil Trafico in a week, with 3 points deducted from licences. Most offences related to seat belts not being worn and children not strapped into child seats.

Traffic police are now using unmarked cars and handing out on the spot fines to drivers using mobile phones whilst driving, eating and drinking and even lighting a cigarette.

Drivers need to be extra vigilant, particularly at junctions, roundabouts and when turning left. Remember, a Stop sign means Stop before you proceed. Use signalling on roundabouts and be aware of crossing a continous white line when parking or turning left.

All these minor infringements are an easy way for officers to hand out fines for offences we may unwittingly commit every day.

If you are unsure of the differences in road rules between UK and Spain it is well worth brushing up on them before you head out onto the busy roads this Easter.

The best tip is to drive safely, with concentration and consideration for other road users.

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