Torrevieja N332 road widening hopes shattered


ALMOST ELEVEN years after plans were first submitted to widen an eight kilometre section of the N332 National Highway through Torrevieja the project is no nearer getting off the ground.

The latest proposal has been rejected by the Ministry of Public Works on the grounds the plans included 13 major deficiencies and were submitted eight months late.

Much of the N332 was widened during the initial project, but the eight kilometre stretch through the Torrevieja area has been constantly stalled.

This has resulted in major vehicle congestion at busy times of the day and traffic at a standstill during major holiday periods such as Easter and the peak Summer months. There has also been an increase in collisions, some of which have had fatal consequences.

Political wrangling and infighting has been blamed for the delays in the project, which was initiated when the PP were in control of the Torrevieja Town Hall in 2006.

The Valencian Regional Government are responsible for submitting the plans to Central Government, but on this occasion the PP led Regional Government have rejected the plan put forward by the Socialist led Local Government.

Mayor of Torrevieja, Jose Manuel Dolon, speaking to the press, expressed his desire to complete the project once and for all and has called for urgent meetings with all levels of government involved in the decision making process.

The deficiences listed in the latest application include insufficient land available for the construction of the highway and problems with accoustic impact on houses and businesses adjacent to the area of the road to be widened.

Other deficiences were found in the drainage and flood defences of the proposed new section of road.

Despite setting aside around a million euros per year to fund the work, this latest setback means the project must go back to the drawing board whilst new plans are drawn up.

In the meantime residents, businesses, workers, local drivers, delivery drivers, taxis, tourists and visitors to the area enter the upcoming Easter and Summer holiday seasons facing the same major disruption to their journeys as before.
Drivers in Torrevieja face congestion chaos as the latest N332 road widening plan is rejected

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