Chicken Pox Park: Weird or wonderful?


SO MANY parents just want to get chicken pox done and out of the way.

‘Day Out With The Kids’ spotted (no pun intended) a gap in the market and came up with Chicken Pox Park – a free playground attraction in Portsmouth, UK designed for parents who want their kids to socialise with others who are already infected.

Their website reads ‘Got a big family wedding coming up in a few months? Get chicken pox out of the way now. Planning a holiday abroad in the summer? Make sure the pox doesn’t scupper your trip.’

‘And it’s great for parents with kids off school with chicken pox too – somewhere to take them for an hour of fresh air and some fun, without the risk of passing chicken pox on to anyone other than those who have ‘opted in’. You can also chat to other parents about the best remedies and soothing solutions for your kids.’

Would you take your kids to Chicken Pox Park?

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