Xàbia Book Circle and The Beat Generation


THE NEXT meeting of the Xàbia Book Circle will take place on Tuesday 2 May 2017 in the Social Centre in Xàbia Old Town, at 6.30pm for a 6.45pm start.

Alma Dorndorf will introduce the world of The Beat Generation.

They were radical, rebellious, experimental artists who had a way with words. This group of writers explored, questioned and influenced American mainstream culture and politics in the post-World War II era.

Allen Ginsberg, with Howl (1956), William Burroughs, with Naked Lunch, and Jack Kerouac with On the Road (1957) became famous and they developed a reputation as new bohemian hedonists, who celebrated non-conformity and spontaneous creativity. But not everyone approved.

“The beats” explored the themes of eastern religions, the rejection of materialism and they experimented with sex and drugs (and probably rock and roll), themes that are just as relevant and just as discussed today. Come along and find more and/or bring your favourite examples.

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Centro Social, Xàbia Old Town, beside the Health Centre, at 6.30 pm for a 6.45 start, and we finish at 8.45 pm. You can also follow our activities on our website www.xabiabookcircle.com

For more information please contact the Xàbia Book Circle secretary, Nina Davies on 96 579 1782 or email [email protected]

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