Seven hacks to keep your car cool this summer


1. Know the culprits
Often, extreme heat results in humidity, or dampness in the air, during summer. Car owners must realise that heat and humidity are culprits to many car dilemmas. For example, elevated temperatures may cause overheating while humidity can fog up windows thus affecting visibility.

2. Protect your engine
The engine is one of the most vulnerable parts of a car during summer. When overheating, the engine may stall or fail altogether. To prevent this, make sure that the engine and its mechanical parts are all in good condition. The water pump must be placed on ‘normal’ to cool down the engine and the drive belt must have the proper tension to function properly.

3. Clean the air conditioner
Cars are supposed to provide the driver and passengers comfort. However, many complain about the air conditioning system not delivering its job. To perform well, ACs must be cleaned regularly based on the Preventive Maintenance Schedule, or PMS, set by car manufacturers. It is also important to use only standard and recommended refrigerants. Don’t forget to check the AC filters so that ventilation inside the car cabin is not just cool but also clean.

4. Check those oils and fluids
Oils and fluids keep the car running properly. Having them checked or replaced is an important preventive measure during summer. Look under the hood and check the engine oil. If the colour is darker than usual, it is time for oil change.

Also check on the brake, clutch, power steering, transmission and differential fluids. Top-up before going on long drives.

5. Don’t forget the battery
Many drivers believe that car batteries suffer more in wintry weather. This is a misconception.
A car battery is more likely to break down in the summer because it is filled with fluids that evaporate from rising temperatures. Moreover, it may also overcharge or overheat. Prolong battery life by charging it at the correct rate and by cleaning the dirt and grease that build up on top.

6. Inflate your tyres
Do take note of the tyres, which react to the feverish temperatures absorbed by asphalt roads. Inflate them correctly to have a smooth ride. Always refer to the owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure.

7. Remember: prevention is better than an ounce of cure
This universal truth is also applicable to cars. Regardless of the season, religiously follow the Preventive Maintenance Schedule set by the distributor-seller. Also go for genuine parts to avoid abnormal wear and tear.

Make it a habit to regularly check the car’s brakes, lights, oil, water, battery, air and fuel.

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