Nine-year-old boy in near-death shock in Finestrat


TWO GUARDIA CIVIL officers rushed to the aid of a nine-year-old boy in Finestrat on Monday afternoon as he suffered a near-fatal anaphylactic shock after eating potatoes that had been fried in oil with fish, to which he is allergic.

The officers were patrolling the cove of Finestrat when they were approached to attend the situation in a nearby restaurant.

Arriving at the scene, they found the young boy’s airways were severely clogged and he was unable to breathe.

The boy, who is of English nationality and lives in La Nucia, had eaten a portion of chips that were reportedly fried in oil previously used to fry fish.

The officers immediately rushed the boy into their vehicle and took him to the Comarca Hospital of La Vila, where he was admitted urgently.

Officers contacted the mother of the boy late on Tuesday, who said he had just been discharged from hospital and they were on their way home.

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