Mijas to mark Fibromyalgia Day


MIJAS Council is commemorating Fibromyalgia Day with a training and awareness-raising session on Saturday.

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado (Cs) and the mayor of Social Services, Mari Carmen Carmona (Cs), inaugurate next Saturday May 27 these talks that will take place in the plenary hall of the Consistory from 9:30 p.m.

The Council will open its doors from 9.30pm to attendees and to speaker Dr. Antonio Collado Cruz, coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Unit For the study and treatment of Fibromyalgia at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and author of the book “Fibromyalgia, Advice and Treatments for Well-being.”

Mari Carmen Carmona, Councillor for Social Services, commented, “in this course, relatives of patients with this disease will have their questions answered and learn more about this misunderstood disease. The professionals who will be leading the event will tell us about the latest advances in medicine for this illness and we will be more able to understand what it means to live day by day with the disease.”

Other speakers will include, Adelaide Maria Castro Sanchez, speaking about “Myofascial Punctures in Fibromyalgia Syndrome” and Dr. Francisco Muñoz Llamas with, “Fibromyalgia. How homeopathy can help.”

Ms Carmona commented, “these events are vital in breaking down stereotypes and understanding those who suffer from the disease. One of the common misconceptions is that fibromyalgia only affects women, this is totally false because men also suffer from the disease and chronic fatigue.”

She concluded, “the council will always stand side by side with patients and give them all possible help to improve their quality of life.”

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