A trolley good dash


SUPERMARKET SWEEP hit the aisles of a Villajoyosa cash and carry last week, when two lucky RTN competition winners had a mad ‘Trolley Dash’ around the store.

Prize winners, Carol Tustin from Callosa d’en Sarria and Gillian Lindop, who lives close by in Villajoyosa, both had the opportunity to have a good look around the Ex-Pats Cash and Carry before the store closed to the public.
Then, Ex-Pats owner, Gary Clayton went through the rules of the two minute dash, explaining the winners could only pick up one of anything and no multi-item packs were allowed, otherwise there were no restrictions.

Although she had actually won the competition, Carol decided to let her husband Martin complete the dash, with firm instructions on what should go into the trolley.
Wearing training shoes for extra speed, Martin moved around the aisles quickly, picking items out guided by carol and encouraged by Gary and his team of staff.
When the two minutes were up, Martin smiled, mighty pleased with his haul, which included a prized large gammon joint. However, vegetarian Carol was less than happy that although he’d rushed down the right aisle, he’d forgotten her Quorn products.

Next up, Gillian took a more measured approach heading towards the dry goods section, finishing with a dash around the frozen food aisles.
She too was very happy with the end result, which included best value items such as coffee and English tea, which can be expensive here in Spain.
Owner Gary, pleased with how successful the competition had been, told RTN: “ We’ve been open twelve years now and we used to run ‘trolley dash’ competition’s regularly when we first opened, but we haven’t run one for about ten years until today“
“People don’t realise just how big the store is either”, he said, adding he and his team of staff “ must walk at least six or seven miles a day around these aisles”

Agreeing with the owner, both prize winners, said it was probably the shortest two minutes of their life as their minds went blank when the pressure was on, in such a large store with so many items.

Gary hopes to run more competitions in the future too, “It’s such a fun competition to be part of”, he said, “Life is too short and we all need to have a good laugh every now and then”
Last word went to Martin, who, on his way out of the store, looked to his right and seeing a large stand by the till said, “ Oh no, look at all those batteries, I walked straight past them!”

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