Alcoy man appears in court facing child abuse charges


A COURT in Alicante heard last week how an Alcoy man is alleged to have sexually abused a girl of five, with whom he shared the same house, over a two-year period, before the victim reported the acts to her grandmother.

The unnamed defendant denies all charges, claiming they were falsely made because of ill feeling between his and the girl’s families.

The activities are alleged to have occurred between 2013 and 2015, when the abuse came to light, upon which the man was arrested and kept in preventive detention until the case came before the court earlier this week.

During the two years the alleged abuse occurred, the accused stayed for periods in the house where the child lived as he is the brother of a close friend of the girl’s Mother who also shared the house.

The alleged abuse took place when the man was alone in the house with the girl.

The victim did not appear before the court, but the jury listened to a pre-recorded interview the girl gave to a child psychologist, where she alleged that the accused covered her mouth to prevent her screaming during the attacks and threatened to not take her and her dog to the park if she told anyone of the abuse.

Jurors also heard evidence from the girl’s family and teachers during the trial which lasted several hours.

The teachers reported that the girl seemed to be more sexually advanced than children of the same age particularly towards boys, but they attributed it to incidents she may have seen on television.

A source close to the courts told the Spanish press that doctor’s reports for the alleged victim did not prove conclusively that the abuse actually took place.

The defence team questioned the grandmother of the girl on the reasons why she didn’t go to the police immediately the girl told her of the abuse, but waited two months before making the allegations.

Her response was that she was worried about the disgust and shame the allegations would bring to the family of the accused man.

The source also claimed that the prosecution had reduced their initial request to the court from a 15 years to a 12 year jail sentence on the grounds of sexual assault on a minor. They have also asked for a restraining order preventing the accused having any contact with his alleged victim for 20 years.

The case continues.

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