Another brick in the wall


ESTEPONA’S Council are building a retaining wall to avoid landslides in the Arroyo Piojo area.
The works will be undertaken by the council after the original contractors did not fulfill their obligations in the environment.

The Councillor for Development, Infrastructure and Tourism, Ana Velasco, explained the works will stabilize the land to avoid possible landslides and also allow the collection of surface water collecting on the land to be channelled to a storm drain.
The mayor added these works, which have already been awarded to the company Helopav SA, are necessary to build a future public park in the area, close to the existing children’s park.

Ms Velasco added the retaining wall will be 70 metres long and five metres high. The works, which will cost €60,000, will not be financed by the council, instead they will be paid for by a bank guarantee from the original contractors.
In total, the council plans to carry out works worth over €4 million using guarantees from workers who did not fulfil their contractual obligations. Ms Valesco pointed out works using these funds are already underway in the Soto de la Resinaera area, as well as in Ortega y Gasset.

Other planned improvements include reconditioning the Parque de los Bomberos, costing €131,319. The works, which are still at the tender phase, will include a new 80 metre track with parking both sides, which will connect the area with Ortega y Gasset and Cristobal Ruiz Mendes. A three metre wide pavement will also be built.

Ms Valesco commented, “after a complex process, we are now finally starting to recover some of the works guarantees, which will be allocated entirely to improvement works.” She added the council will be keeping a watchful eye over future contractors and will never allow “what happened in the past in Estepona” to happen again.
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