App of the week: ‘shapr’


SHAPR IS an app that takes a new approach to professional networking.

Using a smart algorithm, Shapr provides 10-15 profiles of other professionals nearby with similar interests to be evaluated daily. Much like the popular dating app, Tinder, users swipe left or right to indicate if they would like to connect with the individual. Once two individuals both swipe right on each other’s profile, they can message to connect over coffee in person.

‘Networking gets a bad reputation,’ said Ludovic Huraux, CEO and Co-Founder of Shapr. ‘It is often viewed as an exhausting experience that requires a tremendous amount of time and energy to build meaningful relationships. Shapr makes networking simple by introducing you to like-minded professionals that are nearby and are also interested in expanding their networks. Our goal at Shapr is to make networking so seamless and inspiring that it becomes a lifestyle.’

Shapr is very focused on being a professional networking app that opens new possibilities for its users. That being said, they have moderators and flagging features to ensure that anyone pursuing unprofessional interests such as dating or selling are reported.
‘At Shapr, we promote a mindful way of networking,’ said Huraux. ‘Our goal is not to get your business cards into the hands of as many people as possible. Our goal is to spark mutually beneficial conversations that evolve into long-term relationships. We ask users to report anyone who tries to hard sell a service or a product through the app.’

Bottom line: Networking has clearly continued to evolve over time as tools make it easier and more efficient to create meaningful relationships. Shapr has made connecting for mutual interest far easier.

Shapr is available for iOS and Android

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