Armonia de Ifach Lodge presents new safety gear to firefighters


LAST YEAR, the Marina Alta experienced some of the worst wildfires it had ever seen.

Many houses were destroyed and hundreds of residents had to be evacuated as local volunteer firefighters risked their own lives to save others.
Much of the equipment belonging to the local volunteer firefighters was old and at least partly worn-out. With a limited life span, it needs to be replaced regularly to function correctly.

The equipment is absolutely necessary but doesn’t come cheap and with a lot of it having been damaged in the fires of last year, many local organisations offered help to raise funds to purchase more, including local Freemasons from the Lodge of Armonia de Ifach, the Calpe Charity shop and The Lions.

Together, the organisations purchased vital breathing equipment which allows the firefighters to control a blaze from close quarters, a light portable pump – again allowing closer access than a fire tender might be able to get, the hoses necessary to be able to connect from the water deposit to the pump and more new hoses for connecting the pump to the nozzles.

Members of the Armonia de Ifach Lodge presented the Calpe Volunteer Firefighters with the gear last week and received great thanks in return.
1. Calpe Volunteer Firefighter and the breathing hood and oxygen tank
2. WBro Stewart Gammer of Armonia de Ifach Lodge, Councillor Carole Saunders, Mr John Bridges of the Calpe charity shop and Sr Mattias Torres from the Calpe Volunteer Firefighters
3. The group with the Mayor of Calpe, Sr Cesar Sanchez
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