Ask the Optician – How can I protect my eyes from allergies this spring?


UNFORTUNATELY, allergies are becoming more common and the World Health Organization predicts that one in every two of us will be affected in future decades.

Allergies such as hay fever are most prevalent at this time of year and as it has been a wet winter, we expect it to be worse than usual, so wanted to offer some advice on how to protect your eyes.

How do allergies effect the eyes?
Allergies often lead to breathing issues, sneezing and coughing. It also effects the eyes often leaving them red, itchy, watery and in extreme cases can cause swelling of the eyelid and even light sensitivity.

What can we do to protect the eyes?
There are a number of things we can do to minimise our exposure to the pollen;
• Wear large or wraparound sunglasses to stop dust and pollen coming into contact with your eyes.
• Wash your hands more often than usual, try not to rub your eyes and when you come home from being outside, take a shower and change your clothes to make sure you’re not bringing pollen into the house.
• Keep your windows closed in your car and house and don’t go for walks in the country during the times that you are most sensitive.
• Visit your chemist and ask about antihistamines and eye drops which can reduce your symptoms
What if I wear contact lenses?
Contact lens users who suffer from allergies can find it hard to wear their lenses over this time. If your eyes are irritated, we advise giving your eyes a rest from lenses, or reducing the time you wear them each day. Daily disposable lenses are the best option if you do want to keep wearing your lenses, as they are new each day, so haven’t got any impurities on them. Make sure your hands are very clean before you put in your lenses and try not to rub your eyes.

You can find Specsavers Opticas in Marbella and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. Visit your optician if allergies are causing you problems with your eyes and they can give you the best advice.

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