Antonio Banderas lifts curtain on dream city hopes


ANTONIO BANDERAS makes no secret of his love affair with Malaga, the Costa del Sol’s increasingly vibrant capital.

And the leading man is anxious that while he may be a global star, moving forward he wants to be very much a part of Malaga and its exciting future plans.

Banderas has announced that he will back the winning bid for redevelopment of the Astoria and Victoria buildings in Malaga’s historic centre, with the proposal including a cutting-edge cultural centre with spaces for art exhibitions, live music, theatre and fine-dining.

There are also reports that the Hollywood star is set to invest in Malaga’s port, which continues to undergo a stunning transformation.

A strip of bars and restaurants and a marine museum already sit alongside Malaga’s Pompidou Centre which is topped by an eye-catching glass box, and Banderas may lend his name to a new theatre project on a disused dock.

No longer viewed as more of a port town that a glitzy modern city, Malaga opened its doors last month to a grand new first class hotel following a €65 million refit of the 1920s Gran Hotel

Malaga continues to cement its burgeoning reputation as one of Spain’s most vibrant cultural hubs with the city council investing millions of euros revitalising numerous areas tin recent years.

The 56-year-old actor – who already has a deluxe home in Marbella – recently bought a new penthouse in Malaga city centre, and since arriving to collect an honorary award at the Malaga Film Festival in March has made a series of public appearances.

Having participated in the city’s Semana Santa celebrations, an annual pilgrimage for the heart-throb, Banderas also visited the School of Performing Arts, where a theatre bears his name.

He also attended a number of events with his 37-year-old partner Nicol Kimpel.
Even so, after suffering a heart attack in January, Banderas has quit smoking and publicly said he intends to work at a slower pace.

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