Blooming marvellous patios in Cordoba


COSTA DEL SOL residents plus many tourist visitors are flocking to Cordoba’s annual patio festival which runs until May 14.

More than 200 homes have opened their patios and courtyards in a contest that sees awards given including for the most colourful display.

The patio festival has been running in Cordoba for almost 100 years with homes frequently collectively built around a central courtyard with a fountain or well positioned to collect rainwater.

This Roman design, which reduces exposure to high summer temperatures, was later adapted by Moorish conquerors who added features including a direct street entrance, along with flowers in beds or pots.

During the patio festival it is also possible for visitors – many from overseas – to marvel at not only huge and colourful blooming flower displays, but also stone mosaics, water features, antique furniture and ceramic

Flamenco dancers add further atmosphere throughout the city, as tapas and drinks are consumed.

Entrance to the home patios is generally free, although owners often place a collection box for donations.

Visiting hours are from 11 am – 2 pm and 6 pm – 10 pm.

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