Brains and brawn


FUENGIROLA’S COUNCIL has created an advisory service for the town’s growing number of young athletes, helping them balance training with their studies.

The council believe too many young locals are abandoning their sporting careers as they find it too difficult to create time to train on top of school and personal commitments. The project, which is an innovation for the Costa del Sol, will see advisors liaise with an athlete’s family and teachers to create a schedule which allows them to flourish in all areas.

Pedro Cuevas, the town’s Councillor for Sports, explained, “A few days we recruited for the role and the counselling service has now started. We decided to hire, Pablo Mira, one of the most outstanding elite athletes of our town for the role.”

Cristina Iñurreta, an elite swimmer from Fuengirola, expressed approval joy of the scheme, commenting, “those of us in the sporting world know how difficult it is to get ahead as an athlete. Competitors, especially in childhood and youth, when they are trying to carve out a future, need to be able to divide up their time between sport, which requires many hours of training, preparation and competitions, with their studies.”

She added, “there are loads of athletes with a bright future who leave their sport because they have to choose between work and study or training.”

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