British girl dies after fall from Benidorm balcony


SPANISH NATIONAL POLICE this week confirmed the name of the young British female tourist aged 25, who was killed after falling from the tenth floor of an apartment block in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm.

Police were called to the Payma Apartments in Calle Almeria, close to the popular Levante Beach area of the city, at 08.00h last Saturday April 29, after the girl, who was reported to be partying with friends in their rented apartment, had fallen from the high floor.

Kirsty Maxwell a 27 year old newlywed from Livingston, West Lothian was on a hen party weekend with a large group of girls and had only been in the resort less than 24 hours, having arrived the previous day on a flight from Edinburgh Airport.

A police spokesperson told the Spanish press immediately after the incident, that they were in the process of interviewing the other people present in the apartment at the time of the fall, plus other residents in the vicinity who may have witnessed the fall.

They initially confirmed that, as the body showed no signs of the type injuries that may have been caused by a fight or struggle, the most probable cause of death was an accidental fall.

However, the police later confirmed that the deceased did not fall from the apartment she was sharing with other members of her group, but had fallen from an apartment rented by a group of men directly above on the 11th floor.

The other people present were all interviewed over the subsequent days, but no arrests were made and police are still unable to ascertain the reason for her fall.
Grim pictures of the death scene emerged yesterday which showed Kirsty landed within inches of the Apartamentos Payma pool.

One theory being probed was that she tried to leap 100 feet into the water to escape the men after panicking following the hen night with more than 30 pals.

Others claims circulating last night alleged police believe she may have been thrown towards the pool by several men in a drunken prank, or that she had been sleepwalking.

Mobile phones belonging to the suspect and his pals were examined by police checking for telltale video of Kirsty’s final moments but revealed no clues.

Her husband of eight months, Adam, 27, and her family flew to Spain to speak to investigators yesterday.

One man, Joseph Graham, 32 was kept in custody for 48 hours, but then released without charge after being quizzed on suspicion of homicide.

Mr Graham was released on bail and was allowed to fly to the UK on Wednesday after spending two nights in a police cell. He remains under investigation.

Mr Graham was arrested with friends, who admitted being under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, following the tragedy at around 8am on Saturday.

A judge probing Kirsty’s mystery death as part of an ongoing criminal investigation released Joseph without charge after quizzing him in the private court hearing.

Kirsty had been out partying till 4am on Saturday in her ninth-floor apartment but walked out barefoot and entered the room directly above later.

Mr Graham told police she was acting as if she was “mad, drunk or drugged” and headed for the bathroom before walking onto the balcony.

He has insisted he did nothing wrong and only asked her to leave the apartment prior to the fall.

Investigators say there is no evidence pointing to her having taken drugs, but tests on tissue samples will take months to come back.

He also admitted during police questioning he had been arrested in the UK over a false allegation which never went to court.

Mr Graham, who was not banned from travelling by the judge, flew home two days later than expected.

He has been officially labelled an “investigado”, meaning “under investigation” by police.
Roberto Sanchez, his defence lawyer, confirmed his client remained under investigation but insisted said: “I firmly believe in his innocence.”

He said there were no signs of a struggle and would be arguing for the case to be “archived” rather than see his client face homicide charges.

The court has been given CCTV footage showing Kirsty’s fall although it is understood the cameras are focused on the swimming pool area and not on the balcony she plunged from.

Pictures show she landed on poolside concrete just three feet from the water, where she died instantly of multiple injuries.

A court spokesman said yesterday: “The results of the police investigation — forwarded to the court — and the preliminary autopsy point to the victim throwing herself to her death.

“There are no current indications of the participation of other people.”

Kirsty was travelling on a passport in her maiden name, Kirsty Emma Curry and her family are too upset to comment on the ongoing investigation at the moment.

A crowdfunding appeal to pay for Kirsty’s body to be flown home from Spain has been set up.

It had nearly tripled its £10,000 target, reaching a staggering £29,390 today.

This is not the first incident of its type to hit the popular resort recently as in November last year, supermarket worker Danielle Hall from Newcastle, died virtually instantly after falling from her balcony after a night out with her 23-year-old boyfriend Jordan Bevan.

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