Car-tastrophe on the Costa!


A PARKED 4×4 has met its end in the peaceful village of Frigiliana when its handbrake gave way at around noon, sending the vehicle hurtling through railings and tumbling two metres over a wall onto a neighbouring restaurant.

As luck would have it, the eatery’s last customers had left only moments earlier, potentially saving serious injury. The owner of the restaurant, which is located on Plaza Doña Ampara Guerrero, said “this will be anecdote, but it could have ruined many lives.”

He explained he came out and “saw the car smashed in. I didn’t know what had happened; you’re in shock.” He added that eight of his 16 tables were wrecked in the smash but that further damage was only prevented because “the street is sloped and ends in a new railing, which cushioned the blow and therefore only bowed.”

He explained that although the railing and tables have now been replaced, “you can still see what happened.”

The owner of a local hotel, who witnessed the accident, said, “we heard a rumble and saw a vehicle that was balancing on its bonnet. People thought it would carry on going.”

The car’s owner, who was doing work to his house in the mountain village of Frigiliana on the Costa del Sol, was alerted and quickly came to the scene. A special crane had to be dispatched to remove the wrecked vehicle and debris and there were power and telephone outages for two hours.

Alejandro Herrero, Frigiliana’s Mayor, commented it was a “real miracle” no passers-by were injured, saying, “luckily we don’t have any injuries to report, which is the main thing. The rest can be fixed.” Several photos of the smash have since circulated on social media.

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