Cats and kittens left for dead


LAST FRIDAY evening, Jalon Valley A.R.C received a telephone call from a distraught Spanish lady who, whilst taking her rubbish to the bins, was alerted by movement in a cardboard box.

The box was secure and upon opening it she found a Siamese type female cat with six kittens. Next to the box was a child’s suitcase and upon closer inspection, the lady found another female cat was inside.

The cats and kittens are now safe in the care of A.R.C and after having been fed, watered and rested, are well and truly on the mend.

The sad fact is – these are ‘pet’ cats – the kittens are used to human touch and the female cats are in excellent condition, albeit a little traumatised.

A.R.C. is now overfull and are desperately looking for foster or forever homes.

For more information on all the rescued animals in A.R.C.’s care, please contact Sally – 625 985 689 or Jayne – 649 310 285 or call in to the A.R.C. charity shop on Carrer Valencia in Jalon between 10.00am and 1.30pm Monday to Saturday.

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