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I DO not think I can handle another two weeks of watching the television having debate after debate, regarding the election.

I am concerned that Theresa May is sounding sometimes, extremely naïve, Jeremy Corbyn and his team live in a fantasy world (as money does not grow on trees!), whilst the Lib Dems are trying to offer a strong opposition, I do feel that they are all over the place and they do not appear to be succeeding. Then there is UKIP, which having got the UK out of Europe, now have no role to play.

I will, of course, be staying up all night for the results, as it is still unclear what Theresa May’s majority will be, especially whilst many pensioners are upset, now that her manifesto has been published and she has fallen back in the polls. I think it is going to be quite an amazing night. Very different from anything we have seen before.

At least the subject of Brexit has taken a back seat, even with the press. But sadly, it is still there.

Returning to my world, the mad season is almost upon us, so watch out for pedestrians everywhere, who seem to think they own the road, walking out in front of you without checking that it is safe to do so.

Last month I introduced a bespoke life insurance policy. The feedback so far is extremely positive, like I hoped it would be, so much so that many of my staff are themselves taking it out. As a reminder, a 50 year old, with a cover of €30,000, can cost as little as €10 per month.

This would be very helpful if a sudden death occurred and left a gap in the finances, making it difficult for those left behind to pay for the funeral, inheritance tax and outstanding costs.

With the funeral costing nearly €5,000 and assets of €250,000 which would incur inheritance tax of approximately € 8,000, this policy can provide the money for your loved ones to cover these costs, and there are various payments schedules to choose from. All this will take an enormous amount of stress away from your family at a very sad and painful time.

There are obviously a number of reasons in why you could be interested in taking out a Bespoke Life policy. Sometimes our budget will not allow us to find the deposit for a funeral plan.

Therefore perhaps a stop gap solution would be to take out a life policy. Obviously this must be taken out before you are 70 and will only take you to the age of 80. If you are considering taking a funeral plan, you may be interested to know that there are monthly interest free payments.

ASSSA Health Insurance is becoming a very well respected name in the health market and I am very fortunate in having an excellent ASSSA Administrator within my company, who I know is appreciated by many of the clients. One situation never leaves us, and that is handling pre-existing conditions. I have often discussed this issue and I will try again to explain.

Unlike state health, health companies are privately owned and are unable to cover pre-existing conditions. I fail to understand why people would expect them to do so.

Therefore it is much better to join when you do not have any problems, enabling you to have a clear plan without exceptions, and of course remembering that with ASSSA, the age you join is the age you stay.

Recently I have taken on a new Sales Manager. Imagine his dismay when his renewal date passed and no contact from his agent at all. When one of our Sales Consultants offered to do a re-quote for him, he was dismayed to discover he was only third party, but more worrying was the seats were not insured.

If a tragedy had occurred, Graham would have been responsible for all the costs. What a huge learning curve he has gone through. Please, never in Spain, assume you have what you think you have. Sadly there are many who tell you what you want to hear.

Please, please check your car policy. Those insured with my company need not worry as the seats are automatically insured, you have no choice. Protect yourself and your passengers by checking or contact one of my consultants to check for you.

Please call one of my offices for further information or visit the website

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