CHUMS donate €410 to the Franciscan Shelter for Men


ON TUESDAY May 16, CHUMS (Friends of Charity) visited the Franciscan Shelter for Men at Palma de Gandia.

The shelter provides a home and nursing care for around 65 homeless men, many of whom suffer from mental or physical illness, some of whom are terminally ill.

These men would otherwise be on the streets and unlikely to survive without this special care.

Admission is solely on the basis of need and all nationalities and religions are accepted.

The hospice is funded entirely by charitable donations, with no state aid or official grants.

Three Franciscan Brothers, (Hermano Guillermo, Hermano Pepe and Hermano Martin) assisted by local volunteers, care for the residents around the clock

CHUMS enjoyed a tour of the spotless shelter and got to know some of the residents.

In true admiration of the work of the Franciscan brothers and the volunteers, CHUMS were delighted to donate €410 to the shelter’s electricity bill.

To find out more about the work of CHUM, based in Benidorm and Albir, please contact Marilyn – [email protected] / 965 864 394.

To find out more about the work of the shelter and how to donate/ get involved, please contact Helen – [email protected] / 608 751 933.

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