Denia author publishes her life story


DENIA  RESIDENT Marie Stella McClure has this week published her hard-hitting book ‘Borderline’ – a memoir of life in children’s homes, severe drug addiction, recovery and undiagnosed mental illness.

Although Marie had suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) since the onset of adolescence, she was not diagnosed until the age of 38. This story is her true-life account of how BPD affected her life and that of her family and changed her from a promising and talented young schoolgirl into a messed-up teenager having to survive various children’s homes.

Musically gifted and highly intelligent, yet painfully timid, Marie´s future looked bright until her sudden wilful and unexplained rebellion delivered her from her strict catholic upbringing and private convent school education into the gutter of social services care at the age of twelve. Thrust into a world of screwed-up teenagers where soft drugs and petty crime were the norm, she soon learned her only chance of survival was to become the most reckless of them all.

Despite having also suffered severe drug addiction, Marie has managed to overcome her disorder and dependence on drugs and is now a successful, competing kickboxer, living a healthy, happy life here in Denia with her two daughters. She is due to fight one of the Spanish champions in Ondara in June.

The book aims to reach people suffering from BPD and their loved ones, as well as young people in care, care leavers and all drug users, be they recovered or still addicted, because it shows there is always hope and the possibility of a better life, no matter how dire your situation. It would also help mental health professionals working with people of all ages, as well as social workers involved with young people with problematic behaviour. It is not a self-help book in any way, although Marie does explain at the end the methods she has found helpful in overcoming her impulsive behaviour, irrational thoughts and erratic emotions.

Her book is available now on for download to Kindle and tablet devices and will be available in paperback edition very soon. Marie also maintains a popular blog and Facebook pages ‘Marie Stella Author’ and ‘BPD Writer’.

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