Denia coastal restoration work complete


COASTAL RESTORATION work is complete on the most affected area of the beach of Marineta Cassiana, Denia – next to the southern breakwater.

The area where water was stagnant has now been elevated in height, with some 700 tonnes of sand having been deposited.

The sand deposited comes from the surplus accumulated in the port area, which was blown over from the Cagarritar beach during the storms.

The extraction of the sand from the port area was initially suggested by the Provincial Service of Alicante Coasts and the city council had to request authorisation from the Generalitat Valenciana.

The barrier erected on the beach throughout the winter to curb the regression of the coast helped to retain sand in the area, however the storms of December last year and January this year caused the submerged sand bar to emerge, occluding sand-algae which, due to lack of oxygen, caused bad odours and gas.

The problem worsened when the barriers erected on the beach were removed on April 1 and technicians first extracted the sand causing bad odours and thereafter filled the puddle that had formed with the sand from the port area.

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