Costa del Sol drug baron imprisoned


A 28-YEAR-OLD Austrian man has been put in prison after allegedly creating designer drugs in Mijas, which he distributed across Europe in toy boxes.

The man, who supposedly went by a false name, was using different couriers to send the drugs, which were hidden in parcels or toys. He has now been charged with crimes against public health and falsifying documentation.

Officers from the National Police have seized 350 kilograms of chemicals used for making synthetic drugs, as well as a vehicle, €1,675 and industrial machinery for weighing, preparing and processing of chemicals.

Police investigated after receiving a tip-off to a laboratory, and soon identified the man. They then looked at his buying patterns and discovered he was purchasing chemicals used to make drugs. When they raided him, officers found vacuum-packed drugs hidden in toy cars and dolls. They also managed to intercept drugs en route with transport companies.

The man was arrested, and his assets seized, and he has been placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, who ordered his immediate imprisonment.

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