Econ Fuengirola Pool League results


THE ECON Fuengirola Pool League has come to an end with a well-attended awards evening at the Anchor Bar in Torreblanca.

The bar, whose team won the league, had been trailing behind Alba Garden until the last few games, when they snatched the winner’s trophy with 151 points to 149.

Hardware also went to Darren Baker from Alba Garden for the individuals tournament, and to the bar’s players, Don Crowley and Darren Baker, for their win in the doubles game.

The Anchor Bar’s Steve Garbett took home the top-ranking players knockout trophy, while he drew with Ross Hedley from the Anchor Bar and Darren Baillie from Dixies for the overall ranked player cup. Eighty-year-old, Michel Catozzi also received a special award for most elderly player in the league.

Several players were singled out for being seven-balled. Jesus Blanco, Jay Cochrane, Ross Hedley, Allan Doig, Don Crowley, Jose Serrato, Adrian Romero, Keith Forrestal, Darren Baker, Kevan Lawson, Joni Immonen, Chris Pyott, Adrian Romero, Timo Vainiomäki, Stuart Lapping, George Belton and Teemu Sahi all received trophies for losing games without potting a ball.

The league’s organiser, Mike Brackenridge from Econ Pool & Snooker Tables, would like to thank all the bars and players for taking part in this years Econ Fuengirola Pool League.

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