Famous Argentinian tea arrives on the Costa del Sol in cocktail form


YERBA MATE is a naturally caffeinated South American tea popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and parts of Brazil, Bolivia and Chile in cocktail form as the Malaga Gastronomy Festival entered its second-to-last day on Saturday.

Spain’s Tourism Minister, Gustavo Santos was in Malaga on Friday evening when he referred to the ‘Mate Cocktail,’ an idea of chef Diego Cabrera that was created especially for Argentine tourist events this year in Spain.

Argentina is renowned all over the world for its meat and barbecues, but it was ‘showing that it is much more, it is not only meat,’ Santos said.

Some of the ingredients used in the beverage include lemon, as Argentina is the world’s largest producer of the citrus fruit; sugar cane, in a nod to the sugar mills of Tucuman; and yerba mate, a South American naturally caffeinated tea.

‘It is wonderful what is happening because in Argentina we have naturally agreed to exhibit our most important values: our food,’ he told EFE.

He said Argentine cuisine was ‘little known in Europe, extraordinary and reflects diversity,’ adding that it would allow his country to develop local economies and boost employment.

The Malaga Gastronomy Festival ran from April 10 to May 7, with Argentina as the special guest country.

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