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THE COSTA Women group founded by Ali Meehan of whom we wrote last week has encouraged a number of local women to set up businesses.

One such person is 49-year-old (she insisted that we mention her age as she is a young grandmother) Fiona Catchpowle, a Facebook marketing specialist who helps companies to obtain the very best from this important marketing tool.

Although happy in the UK, Fiona decided to purchase an ‘off plan’ property in Spain as a possible holiday home and investment as at that time, property prices seemed to be booming.

In the end, the family which included two young daughters decided that the time was right to take advantage of their sense of adventure and arrived in the Costa del Sol in 2005 to see how they would get on.

The children understood that this was an adventure which could finish after a couple of years but in fact became a love affair with Elviria where she now lives and works.

It was thanks to Ali Meehan that Fiona was encouraged to develop her business, sharing her knowledge with other members of the club and then developing a consultancy which started in Spain and has expanded across Europe.

Fiona is not a ‘nine to five’ type of person and she is delighted with the variety of people that she works with, either helping with general marketing workshops or mentoring on a one to one basis to ensure that her clients run Facebook not the other way around.

She can’t be described as a ‘lady who lunches’ as Fiona believes that there is more to life than eating and drinking but even as a ‘lady who works’ she does admit that the choice of things to do in the Marbella area is enormous.

Now with one daughter aged 18 and the other 23 plus a five-year-old granddaughter, she believes that they have enjoyed the whole experience of living in Spain and she continues to thrive in her current role.

When not working for herself Fiona tries to assist with Costa Women and was closely involved as ‘Master of Ceremony’ at the recent International Women’s Day event organised with Costa Women at the Andalucia Lab in Marbella.

This is a lady who enjoys both work and networking and is committed to being involved with the Costa Women world.

If you want to learn more about Fiona and her business do visit her amusingly named Facebook page

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