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BRITISH MEDIA is full of let’s incinerate the Russian Federation and teach Putin a lesson bombast. He did something wrong? Seriously, just what illegal substances are government officials and tabloid editors on?

Like the other 220 nations Russia doesn’t threaten the UK or its interests. However, this much provoked state has the means and the will to turn the UK into a glass-strewn parking lot if it feels threatened. Russian parliamentarian Frants Klintsevich doesn’t mince his words. “Britain’s threat deserves a tough answer.”

The First Deputy of the Russian Defence Committee adds: “Russian cannot conquer Europe or the US through invasion or occupation. It is absolutely evident and thus pointless (to do so). It is high time to remind (London) of the vulnerability of its territory, which could be literally wiped off the face of the earth.”

Russia is perfectly entitled to react to British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon threatens to use nuclear weapons pre-emptively. This privately educated idiot never held a proper job, ran a business and never wore anything but a school uniform. Yet, without feeling it necessary to give reason or consult the people, he absurdly threatens the annihilation of the world’s second most powerful nuclear-armed superpower.

Britain’s infamous ‘if it bleeds it leads’ red top tabloids took up the cry. The Daily Mail, ‘So how do you like it, Vlad?’ This newspaper had earlier confused Latvia on the Baltic Sea with landlocked Mordovia 1,500km distant.

Déjà vu: British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain on August 16, 1939: “History will judge the Press generally to have been the principle cause of war.”

Alexander Khrolenko takes a more positive view. The international affairs analyst says the main purpose of war rhetoric is to drive up arms sales. Sardonically, he alludes to taxpaying Britons paying for war with their incinerated ashes or their tax obligations.

Until they are elected British MPs are a run o’ the mill lot who aren’t particularly wealthy. However, after their being elected, 78% of MPs are millionaires. Why? Because MPs and the Lords pass legislation that favour corporate interests. Then, having made trading conditions favourable they invest in corporations including the taxpayer subsidised armaments industries.

Senators who voted to attack Syria received 83 per cent more campaign money from military contractors than lawmakers voting no.

The West’s legislators and corporate media should have their investments carefully scrutinised. I would put money on it that their slime trail leads straight to their stockbroker’s office. The fact is, every time we vote for politicians we vote for war.


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