Going to the dogs


THE PERROTON, a Solidarity Race for Adoption and Responsible Holding of Companion Animals in Andalusia, is set to take place in Marbella this Sunday.

The race, which has already been held for five years in Madrid, has come south, with singer Alejandra Botto as its ambassador and Baroness Carmen Thyssen as its patron of honour.

The event, which has the support of the Council of Marbella and the Andalusian Council of Official Veterinarian Colleges, will see personalities from the world of sports, culture and Spanish society such as Los del Rio, Maribel Verdu, Dani Mateo, Judit Masco, Frank Cuesta, Marta Hazas, Pedro Piqueras and Manolo Santana attending.

The Mayor of Marbella, Jose Bernal, will deliver the Perrotón Marbella 2017 Award.

The race will begin at 9am on the terrace of the Marina de Marbella. After the contest, there will be special performance of Alejandra Botto’s Ecological Circus, a colourful music show suitable for all ages, whose purpose is social awareness for the protection of the Environment and The animal world. Before the Ecological Circus, Sofia Cristo “DJ Sofia”, will hold a jam session.

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