Hail the U3A Marina Baixa


LAST WEEK fifty two members of the U3A Marina Baixa, set off for a few days holiday, leaving Albir at 8.30am on a gloriously sunny morning.

The group stopped for a late breakfast in Chinchilla, before continuing our journey to Cañete, which was to be their base, for the next few days.

Their stay for the trip was a lovely hotel, on the outskirts of the village and after lunch, guide Maria took the group on an interesting guided tour of Cañete, which has a castle and several “gates” which date back to the 7th century.

After the walk, several of the group enjoyed a drink in the Plaza Mayor, before returning to the hotel, where after getting changed for dinner, they enjoyed yet more food, before Maria acted as a DJ and they danced the night away.

After breakfast , day two began with a trip to The Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada), with Maria as guide once again, however just before arrival, heavy rain had them retreating to a café for warm drinks.

The more hardier members of the contingent decided to continue with the walk around the amazing 250 hectares site, made up of rocks which have eroded over the centuries, to create amazing formations, which resemble bears, boats, elephants, dogs, crocodiles and bridges.

On their return from the walk, the Hotel had provided serrano ham, cheese, bread wine & water.

The group continued on to the source of the Jucar River, where they had planned a circular walk before lunch, but on the way, encountered what looked to be a snow storm, but was in fact large hailstones, which settled on the ground, looking like snow!

About half of the group had been sensible and worn trousers, or jeans, but the remainder had shorts on and “goose bumps” to match!

The agenda was then switched around, lunch came before the walk, but this was no ordinary lunch.

Several of the staff from the Hotel had turned up and they, along with some of themembers, plus Jorge the driver, prepared a magnificent BBQ.

Following lunch, the weather was still bad, so Maria put the music on again and the revellers enjoyed a ‘Pensioners Disco Rave’

The weather had improved slightly, so the members who were still standing, then completed the walk, while the rest stayed in the comfort of the bar!

On the third day, after breakfast the group checked out of the Hotel and headed to Cuenca, the capital of the region, where they had several hours to explore the many wonderful sights that this City has to offer.

On the way home, the group called once again at Chinchilla for a late lunch, before getting back to Albir at 7.30pm.

Everyone agreed it was a magnificent trip and extended their thanks and gratitude to Rob and Liz, for once again providing some very special memories.

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