Happy birthday Strollers


SAN MIGUEL Strollers Walking Football Club recently celebrated its first year as a walking football team, by holding an invitation competition at the San Miguel Football Stadium, where they play on Wednesday evenings.

The invitation competition had 8 teams playing this all day event with teams participating from Hondon, Deja Vieja La Marina, Playa Flamenca and San Miguel.

The competition was played with 2 leagues of 4 with a semifinal and a final.

The 1st semifinal for 2nd and 3rd place was played between Frails Fliers and Pilar Horadada which ended in a penalty shoot-out with Pilar the eventual winners to come 3rd and winning the Plate.

The 2nd semifinal was played between San Miguel Strollers 1st team and Playa Flamenca Walking Wanderers with Playa Flamenca the outright winners taking the Invitation Cup.

All teams played the game in good spirit and referees Bill, Mick, and John kept the games flowing with whistles blowing mainly for overdoing the walking and breaking out into a run.

Anyone looking for information on how to take part in this enjoyable and rapidly growing sport is welcome to contact Bob or Maggie at [email protected] for Playa Flamenca or Bill Whitehouse at [email protected] for San Miguel.

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