Horoscope – 5 May 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: The Cosmos favours those who are able to help themselves. Consolidate your inner strengths but keep your eye on what’s really on offer right now; and so look before you leap!

Aries: There is something rather wonderful in the air, as you finally realise that your patience and persistence is about to be rewarded. The midweek conjunction of Mercury and Uranus heralds enterprise and communication and finally shows you the missing link in your scheme.. Do what you are about to do with love in your heart and a spring in your step!

Taurus: The wisdom of Saturn boosts your great powers of intuition and starts the ball rolling. Why you are waiting for something to happen right now? You have to make something happen to enable you to tune into all the right channels; as this is a time to consolidate your motivation and belief. Forget what others are saying, they are only jealous.

Gemini: As Mercury and Saturn tryst there comes a time when you would be wise to look fully before you leap. There are choices and you are now no longer bogged down by guilt and regrets anymore. Take what’s on offer and decide to make plans to integrate and share rather then to sit and watch, because, more than ever, a strong leader is needed.

Cancer: The energies of the Third Quarter of Moon focuses on personal development. Facing a turning point you are starting to look within to see your inner self, and it is quite surprising to you that you like what you see. Working with inner emotion is the keynote to making that much needed love connection; since, yes, two hearts can beat in tandem.

Leo: The Sun trines on Pluto and there will be illumination but not just yet! This annoying aspect of Pluto heralds a slowing down, when what you feel that you need right now is to accelerate. Whatever you do take your time to consider that an alternative may very well be your next move, but weigh up the pros and cons, just in case, because you can.

Virgo: Spend time with those who you love this week! Not only do you need the rest and relaxation; but it is time to focus on those whom you take for granted. Life may be busy, but there should always be a time to reflect and share together with those who seem to have your genuine interests at heart. Find your way of celebrating in your inimitable style

Libra: Mars squares up to Neptune and Mercury trines with Saturn. Both these actions shake your resolve and see the balance you thrive on under some threat. Its all about loyalty. Will you stay or should you go? Personally you are not a quitter and now things are explained in greater detail you know where your heart lies and just what you have to do!

Scorpio: Change is an ever inspiring element that allows you to fearlessly face new beginnings whilst facing up to the realities of life around you. You are far more than you think that you are, and are about to find out the depths of your soul with a new project that really grabs your attention and which shows you more then ever that the future is of your making!

Sagittarius: Temper, temper! You are right to be angry but see to it that this inner anger is harnessed and that it goes no further. Pluto brings up a host of minor irritating things that have to be dealt with, not brushed under the carpet and
ignored. Jupiter trines with Mars next week and all will be well, so whatever you do, hang on and shelve any decisions.

Capricorn: Saturn’s over reaction to current events may be traced to positive actions by Mercury that reveal things before you are really ready. Communication has closed down as of late and your silence is for a definite reason, though it is not one that you wish to share. You either csn or you can’t but it seems the way you play this will see someone else win!

Aquarius: You need the co operation of others and may well find that if you consult with them they will be able to nip something in the bud before a drama becomes a crisis; for no good reason. You are preoccupied with the work front at the moment, where the time comes to open your eyes and take a good look around at all the alternatives that exist around you

Pisces: Money is going nowhere and the time to pull your belt in has arrived. Your planetary leader Neptune connects with Mars midweek and this action involves the tracking of expenses and a need that all those concerned pay their share, as that’s only fair, after all! Keep finances in check because your money should be working for you, not you for it!

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