Horoscopes – 19 May 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Stay calm and carry on! You appear to be unshakeable and are biding your time, but the here and now factor is strong; and it feels right to take a chance, despite what others are saying!

Aries: Dwarf Planet Kora calls the shots in an impacted sextile with Mars at the start of a busy week. Sometimes it is the little things that can mean so very much, and it is an attention to detail this week that is the very icing on the cake. Tread carefully and you will see that rather than holding back right now you have to let go and say what you really think!

Taurus: A busy week but one in which there will be several alterations to your schedule. Maybe it would be better not to plan things, and just let things take shape any way that they can? Mercury’s sextile of Neptune brings about the implication that someone doesn’t have the full commitment they need to get a job done, and that you will be called in!

Gemini: Mercury is in cahoots with Jupiter and this brings a lucky chance to the fore this week! Amazingly nobody has noticed what it is you see, and this gives you a great advantage. Take control because you can, and don’t delay at implementing what you well know is the best solution to the problem that others have created, and you must act upon.

Cancer: Moon magic sees to it that you are guided and gifted and ready to take on a role that others wouldn’t be able to handle. However, the midweek Mars opposition to Saturn will bring significant change to current circumstances. Stall for time and wait and see what comes along. Whilst things need to be nipped in the bud the timing is vital to success!

Leo: Pride prevents you going back to square one, but that would serve to show others the lengths that you are now prepared to go. If somebody changed the goalposts, then that was beyond your control, but solution comes from positive actions. As the Sun prepares to leave the house of Taurus keep a sharp eye on alternatives and be prepared to act.

Virgo: Venus squares on Pluto, and this brings questions up that you may be afraid to ask….because you know what the answer may mean. Living on a knife edge is starting to affect your health, so prove the positive by taking a step in the right direction and make sure that your good intentions are known. You are about to be rewarded, and not before time!

Libra: Venus is in transit to Saturn and under the current influences of Kora. If ever there was a time to turn back the clock then it is now, because somebody appears to be exploiting a loophole and taking the mickey. Though you have every right to be angry, the calm, inner you tells you to take things in your stride; so soldier on, but just for now!

Scorpio: You are responsive and very wise to what is really going on right now. The opening of your psychic senses sees you backed all the way and able to shun conflict and compromise in favour of positive action and resolve. The Mars opposition of Saturn sees the cat amidst the pigeons and things could come to a head over a personal matter.

Sagittarius: Somebody needs your help right now, but is afraid to ask. Your sensitive and loving energy are attractions to those who need, and you never knowingly turn anybody away. This week it is hard to know exactly what you can do,
but backed by both Jupiter and the clear line of communication brought by Mercury you’ll find your way!

Capricorn: The energies of an ebullient Saturn in opposition to Mars makes things more difficult and delays a solution which should have given a warning short sharp shock to someone who is not toeing the line. You may feel that you are being tested, but it is important to keep your temper, even if it seems as if everybody else around you is losing theirs!

Aquarius: Do you go, or do you stay? However bad things are beware that the grass may look greener on the other side! You seem to be crossing a deep and fast moving river right now, and the stepping stones are somewhat slippery; so make sure that your journey is for purpose and not just you lashing out at all the negativity that is currently flying around you.

Pisces: Mercury courts Neptune and it is high time you spoke up because silence is doing you no favours whatsoever. Tuned to your endearingly spiritual side you know that it is hard to make everyone happy; but turn this around to you, and do not accept pot luck, when what you deserve is out there are waiting to fully connect with you, at long last!

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