Horoscopes -12 May 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Heavy Cosmic energies are sent to test the water right now, but this is not a time to doubt yourself. The North Wind of change and opportunity blows your way and it is just what you are waiting for right now.

Aries: Lucky Jupiter trines with Mars at the start of a busy week, heralding your positive approach to the constantly changing needs of others. Though you could be at sixes and sevens, it would seem that a clear directive comes from the mighty power of Mars and the subtle fortunate blessings of a munificent and rewarding Jupiter. Just let things happen!

Taurus: Mercury enters into your sign midweek bringing some mixed blessings! The bull as such is a powerful and responsible creature who lives however behind a veil of sensitivity ruled by the heart. Mercury opens up a line of communication that will allow you to better focus on the true matters in hand right now, and deal with them appropriately.

Gemini: Ring the changes and embrace what’s coming next because time is of the essence….and you are almost back where you should be! Mercury takes on elements of Taurus this week which serve to help you to shape up to what comes next, whilst allowing you to be an actual part of it, not just somebody who is just waiting out there on the sidelines.

Cancer: Influenced by both the energised Sun and the wisdom of Saturn you may wish to take things to a new level. The time is right to take your slice of the pie…so go on, you deserve it! Whilst around you there is static and fear of confrontation, you are charged to get to the source of the matter and see to it that nothing rains on this, your parade.

Leo: Jupiter’s action with Neptune heralds good fortune, but examines a loophole that sees finances need to take shape and your money has to work for you. Heaven knows how hard you are working for it. Whilst an economical goal is about to be scored, think too of the future and where you need to be to ensure that your future is well provided for too.

Virgo: Torn between two directions your inner you has taken the lead and you are about to commit, because you can. Mercury’s trine with Saturn gives you time to stall, and allows you the breather you need before your decision is final. You do not know how all this has affected you just lately, but without clear direction forward the stress and anxiety remain

Libra: You have a deep desire to make others happy but right now you have to be happy too. Peace and harmony are needed because words have been said and you are harbouring the hurtful impact this has had on you. Your sister sign of Taurus hosts Mercury this week, and this backs your active communication to bring resolve and closure.

Scorpio: Mars is openly supporting your need to move on to pastures new. However you need to know that you are moving onwards and upwards, and are not just running away. The opening of a new door is the next chapter of your life and your decision hasn’t been taken lightly. There are surprises on the horizon best dealt with as they come along.

Sagittarius: Double aspects this week as the agenda allows for the scrupulous actions of your planetary leader, Jupiter. The take on with Mars and the brush up with Neptune put
you in pole position to go ahead with a plan that’s been in the offing for some time now. There is no time like the present, you are about to be rewarded for your investment.

Capricorn: Saturnian wisdom may cause some delays right now as you would appear to be having second thoughts about something. You are unafraid to commit, but already someone has moved the goal posts and this has shaken your resolve! Not one to backtrack, nevertheless take a long look at alternatives and then do what is best for all concerned.

Aquarius: As Saturn moves towards a dalliance with Uranus this clears the air and allows you to see an escape route. Your talents are indeed sought after this week, and your personal life enjoys an epiphany as a friend steps up to help you to see your options clearly; and backs you all the way. You are putting a lot into life right now, high time for your reward.

Pisces: The Mars aspect with Neptune is the call you have been long awaiting. Your response is up to you, but silence doesn’t bring the necessary dialogue to the table, which is where a deal is done this week. Your inner you is egging you on to take on new responsibilities, but in the end only you can come through and turn things around for all concerned.

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