Horoscopes – 26 May 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week:   Reinventing yourself is not an option. The Cosmos is ever changing and your inspiration this astrological year comes from your profoundly psychic energies. Release doubt and welcome in the opportunity of a lifetime

Aries: Mars opposes Saturn and sextiles Uranus this week. The impact of this is very clear if you look at something from another angle. Take a distant look and you will find exactly what’s wrong right now and how it could simply be put right for the benefit of all concerned. Saturn is the bringer of hidden wisdom and charm, and is working on your behalf.

Taurus: Tread carefully as what you are doing may be the right thing, but you may not get the response or the support that you need from those around you. Somewhere along the line someone has got hold of the wrong end of the stick, and the impact of this is fuelling animosity and greed, as negative actions are being used as a smoke screen to the main event!

Gemini: With Mercury in sextile with Neptune there comes a time to pull your belt in and to take a long hard look at finances. Money may come to you but it does not appear to be supporting you by sticking around right now. Unexpected expenses there may be, but it is clear that somebody is not paying their way, and this has to be nipped in the bud now.

Cancer: Starting the week with a Full Moon gives you ample time to look within yourself and to get to love what you find there inside. You are often very hard on yourself but this should be your motivation and determination, and the reason why you have been disconnected recently. Let others say what they will, their negativity is a spur in the right way!

Leo: Look to your opposing sign of Aquarius to see that Uranus aligns with Mars, bringing determination, and the strong will to overcome a situation by completing that which you have not yet done. You may very well have your reasons for procrastination , but right now, out here in the real World, you have work to do and people to see, so go do it…now!

Virgo: The triple Mercury overlay with actions with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto sees you ploughing into your working energies and setting things to right on the way. Your dedication is an inspiration…but you cannot hide your true emotions just by working overtime. There are solutions and being evasive serves of no good use to anyone, especially you

Libra: Look too to your opposing sign as it is your mirror image. Libra is sweet whilst Aries can be sour, so make your choice. Your loving but passive energy is in opposition to the fiery active passionate Aries, but just what is needed right now? Stop holding back with your love. Somebody who loves you has been tested enough, and action is now called for!

Scorpio: The Mercury trine with Pluto is an open door to you right now! Be very unafraid to enter in because doors are meant to open, and this one leads you to just where you want to be right now. Remove any fear from the action and see the open channels of communication brought about by Mercury put to good use as you have the backing you asked for.

Sagittarius: You are being wilfully stubborn about something and have dug your heels into the sand. Though you may be very right this is not the way to go about things if you want the best of results. Ceres calls the shots on a wily and generous Jupiter who wants to reward you for a job done well, but this wont happen unless you go with the flow!

Capricorn: Beware that a simple request has something else behind it, and that someone is being manipulative with your kindness and generosity. Sometimes a no is the answer that you need to give. The Saturn opposition shows that you currently have enough irons in the fire, and whatever you do do, don’t get burned in the process; be decisive and strong!

Aquarius: The Mars sextile with Uranus sees your planetary leader in cahoots and ready to make a plea on your behalf. There are aspects of your life you need to examine, including the taking of time for yourself, and the freedom to do what is instinctive and inspiring to yourself for a change. Others may be a shoulder to cry on, but you cry only ever on the inside.

Pisces: Neptune sides with Mercury and suitable channels of communication are about to open for you. Will you go or will you stay? Well you cannot do both, but you are, once again, stuck in the middle and unable to make a decision. Stall for time and weigh up the pros and the cons because right now time is being called and you want the very best.

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