How do I know that Moneycorp understands my requirements here in Spain?


MONEYCORP IS a UK-based company which fully understands that well-informed staff with local knowledge is important to give a great service to our customers.

We have offices not only in the UK but also worldwide including, of course, Spain.

Moneycorp Spain has two main offices based in Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, both of which have grown significantly over the past eleven years. During that time much has changed in the Spanish marketplace and because of our consistent presence, we have been able to address these changes.

Moneycorp understand that there are a large number of British ex-pats who live full time in Spain and need to transfer money regularly from the UK for living expenses, mortgage payments, pensions etc. For these people, we offer a Regular Payment Plan, which is a fully automated service, for your convenience.

Moneycorp also understand how important it is to receive the money on time and we transfer the currency you have purchased, to your destination bank account on the day you specify. For clients who transfer funds from the UK on an ad-hoc basis Moneycorp offers spot trading on the telephone and our popular Moneycorp online service.

As beautiful as Spain is, there are also a large number of ex-pats who decide that they wish to return to the UK to live.

One of the major irritations when doing this are the potential fees such as bank charges and commissions. Again, Moneycorp has stepped in to help and for the past nine years have assisted clients with our repatriation service specifically tailored to the Costa Blanca region.

At Moneycorp, our customers’ money is safeguarded in segregated customer bank accounts. Once you have secured a rate of exchange with us and we are in receipt of the currency you are selling, we transfer the currency purchased to your chosen bank account on the day you designate. We have been in Spain for a long time and we intend to stay.

For further information about how Moneycorp can help with your currency requirement, please contact us on +34 902887243 or email [email protected]

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