85-year-old woman accused of murdering husband claims ‘I didn’t hit him’


AN 85-YEAR-OLD woman accused of murdering her cancer-addled husband with a crutch on the Costa del Sol, has told a jury she does not remember attacking him.

The alleged killer is on trial for murder after her husband was found dead from a head wound in their home in Rincon de la Victoria in July 2015. Investigators initially believed the woman’s tale that her husband had fallen, but became suspicious when they found blood stains on his own crutch.

Prosecutors believe the woman, whose husband had lung cancer, waited until family visitors had left and then attacked him. They claim she waited until the man was resting on a sofa, and, “unexpectedly, taking advantage of his helplessness, which prevented any effective defence, bludgeoned him with 14 blows from one of his crutches.”

Questioned by lawyers, the woman claims she now cannot remember the incident, suggesting burglars may have entered the property and attacked her husband but maintaining, “I did not hit him with a crutch.”
If convicted, the woman faces life in prison.

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