Ian Grant sings out of passion not for money


IAN GRANT grew up in Country Durham and by the age of 17 was singing in working men’s clubs around the north of England.

He loved singing and went through a time when he was working cruise ships and holiday camps before moving to London to become a session singer but because the work wasn’t regular enough and London was expensive, he also took a job in corporate marketing whilst still singing.

In 2005, he replied to an advertisement in a music paper from a rock band that needed a singer and when he arrived with short hair and wearing a suit, the band thought that he had perhaps gone to the wrong place as he should have been applying for an accountant’s job.

As he was there, he was asked to sing an audition piece which was Mistreated, written by Ritchie Blackmore and recorded on the Deep Purple album Burn.

Deeper Purple

After that one song he was immediately offered the job in Deeper Purple a true tribute band which plays the music of Deep Purple but not note for note as if things are gelling well, they simply jam together and the audience will believe that it is the real band playing.

The only proviso to the job offer was that Ian had to either grow his hair or get a wig and as the band was never going to be a bunch of look a likes, he chose the former option.

The whole concept appealed to Ian as he had always been a great admirer of Purple and it wasn’t as if they would be playing in local pubs but would only perform before decent crowds perhaps every three of four weeks.

They concentrated on playing music performed by Deep Purple Marks II and III which were responsible for most of the bands most popular numbers and made sure that they became adept at what they did.

Move to Spain

In 2007, Ian and his partner moved to Estepona but he continued to travel back when necessary to perform in the band and he still curses the fact than when Deep Purple performed at the bullring in Estepona in 2008, he was in the UK performing with Deeper Purple.

Unfortunately he had a serious car accident in 2009 and he had to stop playing with the band whilst he was recovering and they naturally had to replace him with a younger Italian version, Luka Revase.

Then about four years ago, guitarist Rob Sas decided to move to Marbella so now there were two members of Deeper Purple on the Costa del Sol which effectively brought the UK version of the band to an end.

Band reforms

You can’t however keep a good band down and when Rob was getting married two years ago he invited all of the members of the band over for the wedding. It was little surprise that they all played together and because it sounded so good, they decided that they should reform but this time with two singers, Ian and Luka sharing the vocals.

So pleased have they been with the quality of the reformed band which has played a number of gigs, including one for Harley Davidson in Jerez that Ian decided that the time had come to emulate their heroes and actually promote a concert in Estepona himself.

Pink Purple Zep Fest

With the support and blessing of the Ayuntamiento, which is currently managing the bullring, the Pink Purple Zep Fest will take place at the Plaza de Toros on Saturday August 26 starting at 7.30pm.

There are three genuine tribute bands, Think Floyd, Whole Lotta Led and Deeper Purple who will between them play some of the most iconic rock music ever known for around four hours and in order to ensure that local residents aren’t disturbed by very loud music, it is probable that Think Floyd will play the night out.

Entrance costs €25 whilst a limited number of VIP tickets costing €70 will also be available for this.

VIP ticket holders will be seated in a special area, will receive a welcome drink from the VIP bar as well as a special goody bag which currently includes a Tee Shirt, VIP Lanyard, souvenir programme and a fan as it will be hot plus exclusive access to the after gig party being held at the Louie Louie club just around the corner.

Tickets and information are available at www.pinkpurplezepfest.com.

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