Is it a bird?


WORLD MIGRATORY Bird Day was celebrated on May 10 this year and to commemorate, The Department of Environment and Climate Change at Denia City Council have collaborated with the ‘Magic & Nature’ company to organise a day of activities on Sunday May 14.

The initiative aims to promote understanding of the importance of the local area in the migratory travel of birds and the need to protect them and prevent threats.

In the morning, participants will visit the natural park of the Marjal de Pego-Oliva and enjoy a guided walking tour through different habitats of the park along with a science-based session with expert Francisco Atienzar.

In the evening, a catamaran will take participants out to the marine reserve of the Cap de Sant Antonti for a bird and cetacean spotting session.

The bus for the morning session will depart from parque de Torrecremada at 9.00am and return at 1.00pm.

The boat for the evening session will be on the water between 6.00pm and 7.30pm.
Both sessions are free and places are limited – anyone wishing to taking part should email [email protected].

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