La Nucia workshop on edible wild plants


LAST WEEKEND, 30 university students and members of the public attended a free workshop at the CEM Captivador (Captivador Environmental Education Centre) to learn about the medicinal and nutritional virtues of wild plants used traditionally in the Alicante region.

The five hour day course, under the tuition of Professor Antonio Belda Antolí, was organised by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Alicante through the University of La Nucía, with the collaboration of the City of La Nucía.

During the workshop, the attendees of all ages analysed wild plants with an ethno-botanical interest that have been used in a traditional way in the province of Alicante.

The objectives of the course were for students to have the ability to identify the main edible and medicinal wild plants and so learn the uses and custom associated with these plants and furthermore to understand the production of the traditional herbal beverages of the province.

In the practical session of the workshop, students distilled herbs to obtain essential oils and also made different herbal teas and infusions and learning of their medicinal purposes.

Finally, a variety of different traditional drinks were prepared from wild plants.
Additionally, Professor Belda taught the students to obtain infusions using solar energy, as well as the use of a traditional alembic and the recipes of different traditional Valencian infusions and drinks.

At the end of the workshop, the students were able to take home sample bottles of all the practices performed during the day.

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